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We work hard in a volunteer capacity to provide these services to the community,.

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You can support our Training Program


We provide Nationally accredited Training programs in partnership with CADS, CSIA and CASI to develop qualified Volunteers and Volunteer Instructors to support and run these  programs

You can support our Equipment Program


We purchase and maintain inventories of adaptive equipment at each of our three provincial facilities. Periodically we need to repair or replace these expensive devices

Our Transportation fund


We are developing a transportation fund to offset the costs to our students. This fund is currently at $700.00 as a result of a grant from the Provincial Government. A wheelchair bus for a day can be $800 or more per day.

General revenues


When the funds are available we offset the transportation costs to our volunteers (gas) and other appropriate expenses directly related to running our programs.

Special Projects


Other opportunities are available to our students, Like the annual National Festival through CADS. Held in the spring of each year, a Student and/or Instructor can be sent for a five day extensive training camp with all of the top Instructors and National coaches. This can lead to the development of stronger skiers/snowboarders and maybe the next Great Paralympian!

We Can only continue if we have the Resources , Instructors and the Volunteers. Support is needed

Recent Donations

December 2018 $1500.00


A donation to assist our program was gratefully received on  31 December 2018 in Clarenville. We Appreciate this support by the local Lions!

December 2018 $1250.00 grant


A 50% grant to our Instructor development program. Attendance of National Certification program for Course Conductors, allowing us to train new Instructors for the next two years!